Careful, your Patriotic Side is Showing

By: Sara Henderson


Give a patriot an ounce of speaking room and they’ll take it all, as shown in this article. In 2009, at a local high school just south of San Jose, CA, a Cinco-de-Mayo festival was rudely interrupted by a few students proudly wearing American flag shirts and chanting “USA! USA!” amongst the group of celebrators. The students, mostly Caucasian, continued chanting despite reactions, and this soon led to a small altercation between the groups celebrating the school hosted event and the proud Americans. It didn’t escalate any further, but in 2010, same event and place, a number of predominately white students – slightly larger than last year – wore American flag shirts and began chanting “USA!”. This time the school took action, politely telling only the students involved to either turn the shirts inside out or not attend the celebration – with reassurance that attendance would not be negatively impacted. The students complied – but later along with parents sued the school for violation of Constitutional rights. The case went to trial and the school districts decision was favored, and the students and parents appealed. It was on February 27th, of 2014 that the court of appeals maintained the original decision: the school was in the right.

This article made me stop and think, as the guy stated within: what level of reason must be used in order to violate certain Constitutional rights. When legally violating the peoples’ rights, the government is required to have clear-cut and flawless reasoning to back it up, if it wants to avoid any major controversy amongst the country. I agree with the school’s decision, and that if they hadn’t (politely) told the students to avoid being “flashy” with their patriotic behavior, that they education system would’ve had a whole other lawsuit on it’s hands – one that would probably have involved violent outbursts and hospital bills. The school made the right decision in this case and was protecting the safety of the students, both involved and innocent, and protecting itself from serious criticism.

An article like this can be tied to political ideologies in America. For example, a Liberal or Democrat might argue that the students’ rights were not violated and that it was necessary to protect the majorities’ safety. However a Conservative or Republican would fire back with the first amendment being violated harshly, the students’ right to free speech. In this case, logic was used and it was clearly seen that the school had clear-cut reasoning to legally violate the students’ rights, having the best interests of the entire school in mind, not just those of a few american patriots.


Civil war between Russia and Ukraine.

By: Sarahi Hernandez



This article is about Russia warning that if any one who uses any force in Ukraine Easter Region can lead to civil war. Pro-Russian protester have taken over 3 ogoverment buildings. Ukraine has sent security forces to Kharkiv to clear the country since a threat of a civil war might be going there way. About 10,000 are stationed in the Ukraine border.  The U.S Navy is preparing to enter the Black Sea by Thursday, so that the U.s military can give support to the Eastern European and the concern of Russia’s troops.

My opinion on this article is concerning on the safety of the Russian and the Ukrainian people. I think that this is another military conflict between two countries and having the U.S Getting involved. They are having disagreement and should not be any civil war, but if any of them invade it can lead to a civil war and the involvement of the U.S. I would say that if they enter another civil war it will affect the people dramatically and there lives.

Unit III: Congress, the Legislative Branch

Today we begin our third unit that covers the origins as well as basics of Congress.


For this unit, here are the Beaverton School District Standards we’ll be using:

SS.HS.KN.ALT.05–Structure & Function of U.S. Government: I can demonstrate an understanding of the principles, structures, and functions of different levels of government in the U.S.

In addition, here are the Learning Targets we’ll focus on:

  • I can explain the origins of Congress
  • I can explain why the Framers chose bicameralism
  • I can describe the bicameral legislative bodies: House of Representatives & The Senate and their roles in government
  • I can identify Oregon’s current Representatives & Senators in the U.S. Congress
  • I can explain the functional and structural differences between the House and the Senate

Here is the presentation we used in class!

Prezi: Unit III Congress Part 1

Flight 370: Still on the hunt for the missing plane.

Since the airplane has been confirmed in hitting the water, any hope for survivors are gone. Investigators are currently searching for debris of the airplane to find the “black box” or the recorder before the batteries run out. Their education guess, in the end, is still a guess and chances are, they won’t be able to locate the airplane. Over the course of a day, there are 14 airplanes and 9 ships in search of this airplane, but the search has been fruitless so far.

Opinion: It’s frustrating that the airplane hasn’t been located, and the friends and family of the passengers must be in distraught. Investigators are doing everything in their power to locate the plane to give closure to the families  but unfortunately, they could not. Investigators are being rushed to find the plane, and the time is ticking down before the recording runs out of battery, but the question still stands. Will they be able to find the plane on time?


– Phu Nguuyen


Political Ideology: Liberal & Conservative

In class, we’ve been talking at length about the two political ideologies–Conservative or Liberal. Here are the notes we took from class:


Liberals (Left)

  1. Government uses power to solve problems (Economic and Social problems)
  2. Ensure and protect equality in society
  3. Increase social welfare programs
  4. Robin Hood Taxes = redistribute wealth from rich to poor (graduated income tax)
  5. Environmental programs are more important than economic growth
  6. Government regulation to guide business/economy

Conservatives (Right)

  1. Less Government involvement in people’s lives
  2. Provide opportunity = allow competition
  3. Limit handouts of social welfare
  4. Make the tax structure equal = reward for hard work (flat tax)
  5. Use the environment to further business sector/economy
  6. Free Market = allow business/consumers to drive the economy

Political Parties Vocabulary

Here’s the list of vocabulary words we’ll be using for the remainder of the unit. Remember to 1) Define (Text or Google) and 2) Describe it as if you were telling a friend.

**If you need help practicing the vocab, here’s a helpful flashcard studying activity.

  • Minor Parties
  • Plurality
  • Economic Protest parties
  • Liberal
  • Partisanship
  • Ideological parties
  • Single-issue parties
  • Two-party system
  • Splinter parties
  • Consensus
  • Incumbent
  • Factions
  • Electorate
  • Sectionalism
  • Bi-partisanship
  • Conservative


Flight 370: The search goes under water

By Jay Garmondeh


Summary: The article is about the the flight that vanished and researchers are still trying to figure out what happened to the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The flight got missing in the Indian Oceans. Naval and technological methods are being used to locate the plane. Researchers don’t know the exact location of the missing and they still have a long way to go. Families who had passengers on the plane have been frustrated with the reports they have gotten and wants to know the cause or signs of the missing plane.

Opinion/Feeling/Prediction: I understand the frustrations of the families and this is an awful situation to be in. It’s very mysterious how the plane got missing and a situation like that is very unusual. I hope the researchers can locate the plane and that countries will cooperate to produce results. I think that they will eventually find the plane by continuing to use the right technological and naval methods.